Bok Choy Bok Choy, 300 New Street, Brighton 17th July 2015
Pol Roger 1999	
Veuve Clicquot 2004
Piper-Heidsieck 2006
Delamotte Blanc de Blanc NV (SW)
Gosset Celebris 2002 (Deli)
Fevre Les Preuses 2010 (DC)
Domaine de Chavelier Blanc 2005 (MJ)
Christian Moreau Les Clos 2011 (PT)
Louis Latour Batard Montrachet 2005 (DM)
Moulin Touchais 1989 (DC)
Chateau Rieussec 1989 (ST)

17th July 2015 CellarGeek dinner at Bok Choy

Some brief notes (CG dinner wines only) from me:
0.      Colour: palish straw with a tinge of green in the ambient light of the restaurant, fine stream of bubbles;
Nose: initially of hardboiled eggs but that blew off in the glass, revealing citrus/kumquat with dairy notes; Palate: intense citrus, kumquat well balanced by crisp green apple acidity. Minerals, focus, almond skin on the finish, long length.
1.      C: pale straw, light gold;
N: stone fruits, nectarine, clean and subtle fruit driven nose;
P: more overt but still light stone fruits flavours with hints of kumquats. Some small hints of aged characteristics but this champagne is still quite primary, finishing very dry with a long length.
2.      C: pale, almost water white;
N: white blossoms, closed nose;
P: slatey, minerally, white flowers, very tightly coiled structure, focused, layered textured, long length;
Comment: Needs a lot more time, the wine was still fairly closed and unyielding at the end of dinner several hours after opening and warming up in the glass.  I’m keeping my 2010 GC Chablis in the cellar for another 5 to 10 years!
3.      C: palish gold/straw;
N: subtle green melons, grapefruit/pomelo rinds;
P: subtle honey, delicate green fruits, green melons, pomelo/grapefruit rinds, elegant structured and quite complex, raw cashews, long length;
Comment: This is a superb white Bordeaux, still very youthful on the palate despite being already 10 years old, I have to say this is my favourite wine of the night.
4.      C: very pale straw;
N: smells like a dusty sandal wood jewellery box;
P: white spices, chardonnay fruit, peaches with pineapple highlights but still with some minerality, otherwise fairly tight in structure;
Comment: Interesting characteristics in a Chablis which doesn’t normally show tropical fruit hints.
5.      C: straw/gold;
N: honey and cane sugar;
P: lovely aged rich white burgundy with a great acidity balancing the ripe white stone fruits and honeyed sweetness, toasted nuts and very long length;
Comment: Was surprised this was an 2005, it seemed to display aged characteristic more akin to a mid-1990s Batard. Delicious! Worked quite well with the Peking Duck and stood up to the other dishes in the heavier flavoured bracket.
6.      C: palish straw gold with flashes of light green, viscous;
N: quince paste, poached apples;
P: sweet but not overly so, well balanced by acidity, textured, viscous, complex, with red apples, honey, quince jumping out  of the mix;
Comment: Third time I have tasted this wine, the first was back in 2004 – seems hard to have aged, perhaps a deepening of existing flavours. Looks like it’s going to be a very long lived wine. A very good one to pair with the heavier flavoured chinese dishes.
7.      C: old gold, bronze, hazel;
N: distinctly botrytised, ripe peach, apricot;
P: sweet, slightly viscous, developed Sauternes, very ripe peach, apricot, nougat, still displaying a lot of power;
Comment: Based on the colour, thought this was an old sauternes from the 1970s, even the 1960s, so was surprised that it was the 1989 Rieussec. Another very good pairing with the heavier flavoured dishes.