La Luna 20 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton 13th March 2015
Domaine Chandon Blanc de Blanc 2010	
Albert Mann Riesling (GC) Schlossberg 2002
Trotte Vieille (PGC) St Emilion 2005
Feytit-CLinet Pomerol 2001
Pichon-Lalande Comtesse Pauillac 2003
Pontet-Canet Pauillac 1996
La Lagune Haut-Medoc 1990
Troplong-Mondot St Emilion 1990
Doisy-Daene Barsac-Sauternes1988
Chartreuse de Coutet Sauternes 2010
Rieussec Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2011
Cape Mentelle Caberner Sauvignon Margaret River 2003

23rd March 2015

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the tardy CG #1 2015 summary, but before that, I’d like to say well done to Dave for organising a fabulous dinner to kickstart 2015 for Cellar Geeks and friends, and I thoroughly enjoyed the theme of LB vs RB Bordeaux. Very tricky! Thanks to Sue and Archie for their work which were integral to the night.
CG #1 2015, 13/3/15 at La Luna (320 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton).
0.       Domaine Chandon Blanc de Blanc 2010
1.       Rieussec Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2011
2.       Albert Mann Riesling (GC) Schlossberg 2002
3.       Trotte Vieille (PGC) St Emilion 2005
4.       Feytit-CLinet Pomerol 2001
5.       Pichon-Lalande Comtesse Pauillac 2003
6.       Pontet-Canet Pauillac 1996
7.       La Lagune Haut-Medoc 1990
8.       Troplong-Mondot St Emilion 1990
9.       Doisy-Daene Barsac-Sauternes1988
10.   Chartreuse de Coutet Sauternes 2010
11.   Cape Mentelle Caberner Sauvignon Margaret River 2003
From alcohol befuddled memory,
Wine 0 with bonus jamon or prosciutto and one oyster each
Wines 1 & 2 with seafood entrée (can’t remember what that is – Dave, do you have the menu?)
Wines 3 & 4 with the pork sausages (brilliant, the sausages as good as ever)
Wines 5 & 6 with lamb (I think – I don’t remember)
Wines 7 & 8 with the Hangar Steak (still looking for the much talked about perfectly cooked example. The one at La Luna, whilst the best hangar steak I’ve had to date, still does not quite “wow” me).
Wines 9, 10 & 11 with the cheese plate.
Although I was apprehensive about wine themes (owing to the fact that my cellar is limited and worried about not getting enough time to source suitable wines through auctions and other means), I really enjoyed this Left vs Right bank Bordeaux Theme, and CG #4 2014’s Morey vs Gevrey Red Burgundy theme. To me, an educational exercise on top of a great night out with fellow wine fanatics or tragics haha!
The surprise package for me was wine 0 – Domaine Chandon! Although did not display much of the bready/yeasty notes that one associates with Champagne, nonetheless I thought it was a very young, fine Champagne (like a Moet Vintage 06). It has certainly changed from the Blanc de Blancs that I used to drink from Chandon, less fruit, more flinty/structured/elegant in style. I enjoyed it a lot, and Rob, I want to buy a case or as many bottles as you can grab for me!
Some thoughts – I found the left and right bank wines really hard to pick at this dinner – in fact, impossible.
I guess there are many variables: we have a variety of vintages, a variety of sub-regions and wine making techniques (not withstanding the blending of the various Bordeaux grapes).
Take the last flight – we had same vintage, Left vs Right, but the wine making practices totally skewed my perception of what is left and right.
The middle bracket - I had the advantage of knowing my own wine, so it was really cool that it was lined up against another Pauillac. This time, the vintage had a significant effect (Casting aside, for the moment, the differences in blending proportions). Also, have had the Pichon-Lalande from other vintages before, the 2003 was atypical and again, skewed my perception of things. J
All in all, a very educational /interesting CG dinner where I learnt heaps.
Thanks again, Dave, Sue, Archie and everyone who was there that night. On to the next one!